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    Speaker 2 (00:14): Okay. Thank you, everybody. You may be seated. Thank you. Waiting for the awesome. Do I need a microphone? Okay, so we'll set that in here just in case you can't hear me. If I digress just a little bit. We have the microphone is standby. Okay, so I am so excited to be here. So one of the things I like to do when I first introduced people is I do one thing first and I'm just going to show it to you. Everybody's smiling, everybody's smile. That's the first thing that you should do when you introduce yourself to people is just smiling. Mix all the worlds. Can you fill that? Let's do it one more time. Let me hear. He's got a good smile. This guy right here.


    Speaker 2 (01:01): So I'm so excited about today and all of you taking the time to come out here. So we're going to make it worth your while because we know that you have to have something to walk out of here with, right? Am I right? And this is what we're going to do. So I'm going to start out by telling you a story. How many of you like to hear stories? Raise your hand. Okay, so I'm going to tell you this story. When I was a kid, when girls thought I was cute, okay, way back then, right? And so way back then all of a sudden somebody came to our house and they knocked on the door and I was the one to answer the door. And he goes, hello, are your parents home? And I'm like, well, who are you? You never even said, who are you?


    Speaker 2 (01:45): You know? And he says, well, I just need to talk to your parents is very important. I talked to him. So I got my mother. So he went ahead and started talking to her. Next thing I knew I could hear him talking, I could hear him talking about books. And so she still will step in. He gave a presentation, he pulled open a manual and he starts showing all these different pages of these different things that he had. Next thing I know she signed it, wrote him a check, and guess what we had, this is what we purchase. That was my first introduction to my Google. I was so fascinated by those books right there. I was so fascinated. I could not keep out of them. I was constantly in them. Every single point I could get into it. And that was my journey of specialized knowledge.


    Speaker 2 (02:44): Now you heard the same, that knowledge, uh, knowledge without, you know, power-knowledge. Somebody helped me out here. What does it say? Knowledge is power. Specialized knowledge. Cause I've reversed it. Specialized knowledge alone is not power. Shared. Specialized knowledge is power. That's what he did. He shared, even though he sold it to us because he was making money for a living, right? He went ahead and he gave it to this. So what happened with that idea right there? That was my journey. So then the next specialized knowledge that I was really fascinated with, with the radio, I would turn on the radio and I would listen to this story, right? And this man would tell a story every day. The way he ended, the stories were so incredible. So one day he was interviewed by Larry King and Larry King asked him, how do you get such incredible stories?


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    Page 2 of 10 And he says, well, I don't get the stories. I just give my team a couple of keywords to go by. And by the time I get to the authors, early in the morning, they have all these stories that I could pick and choose from. And notice he said keywords, but they went ahead and they did the research. He had a whole staff that did this research. When they did the research, he pulled from these stories. He had the most credible in stories. And guess what he would say before he would tell you the rest of the story as Paul Harvey and that was my other fantasy nation with my with words, keywords. So now we go on to key words and I'm so excited to ask you this question today. If you think about this, without me giving you any description of anything in your personal life, your business life, what are your keywords?


    Speaker 2 (04:34): Just think about that for a second. If I was to come up to you right now and you were to write them down, if you don't have them, write them down cause I'm going to call on you. I might, uh, what are your keywords? Who are you? The basic question is who are you? So let me define how you could get those words. If we were to take gold planning, right? There are certain ways, there were certain systems that taught us, I want this, right? And I want that. But what was that problem? That was future tense, right? So that meant if we were going to do that, we weren't going to get anything today, right? But what's a better absolute phrase to use for today because somebody helped me out. I am a success. I expect to succeed today. Do you see the difference?


    Speaker 2 (05:30): If you continuously say, I want to do these things, then that's going to always happen in the future. But we're talking about today. I'll want success today. I'll want something to take place today. Don't you want to walk out of this room and have something take place today? Yes sir. Yes. Yes. Absolutely. Why wait? Why do we want to wait? What's holding us back today? Is there anything holding us back? Nothing. Right? So we're going to do that today. So with that in, in, in our thought process, what we're going to do is we're going to talk about keywords, a subject, not an object, but first we're going to go for the subject of keywords. Now I just got to use this little tool here. See that? That's a green dot. That's going to be part of the presentation here. See that? That's great.


    Speaker 2 (06:19): Okay, so one of the things that were so awesome about, one of my fascinations with keywords was these guys, Google, Google came down with science. And I'm going to give you the formula today. So we're going to talk about technology, but we're not only going to talk about technology, we're going to talk about, uh, of a formula, but we're going to talk about your personal self, how you can be a better you by just walking out of this room today. Guaranteed. This will work now. But I want to use Google as an example. First of all, Google. What they did is it's called a search engine. How many of you have not used Google? Nobody in this room is raising their hands. That means everybody has, it's a household word. You've heard people say, just Google me right now. You can tell me how good your brand is, but guess what? Speaker 2 (07:14): Google is actually being to telling me how good your brand really is. And that's what we're going to talk about. What are your key words today? So here it is. What are your key words today? First, let's define how Google thinks about keywords. It's one of the most important things if we do a search in Google. So we're just going to do a search real quick and I'm going to define them. So we're going to go and we're going to say, uh, take that word out and just say Sacramento. And then Sacramento, we're going This transcript was exported on Jun 14, 2020 Transcript by Robert Velarde